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The Corrigan family pride themselves on
how they conduct their business, in a dignified, understanding and caring manner, with the
family of the deceased very much coming first!

Welcome to Corrigans Funeral Home

The loss of a loved one is always difficult. Our funeral home offers a comforting environment to meet the needs of everyone in this time of loss. Our staff are highly trained and experienced and will always be on hand to help you, but will still allow you the space you require at this difficult time. We are here to provide everything you need.

Corrigans is a family-run business which has stemmed four generations. My Great Grandfather, Peter Corrigan, started the business in 1884 and for years we have prided ourselves in serving our community in a professional, caring manner.

We offer our clients and their loved ones a sensitive, calming experience, where everything is taken care of. We not only listen carefully to the wishes and requirements of our clients, but will offer you our compassion and support in these difficult emotional times.

There are a number of options open to the family of a deceased loved one, and we are happy to discuss all options with you.

Brian Laide
Funeral Director

Corrigans Funeral Home | Main Street, Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan, Ireland.
Brian Laide Mobile: +353 (0)85 846 3426 | Tel/Fax: +353 (0)42 974 9857 | Email: info@corrigansfuneralhome.com
Corrigans Funeral Home is a member of the Irish Association of Funeral Directors.